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THERM-cert, pre-calibrated digital fridge or freezer thermometer

A pre-calibrated, high accuracy, digital thermometer to show room temperature and the temperature of fridge or freezer. The alarm sounds and the LEDs lights flash for 5 seconds every minute if the temperature goes outside the safety zone.

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  • High accuracy thermometer supplied complete with traceable calibration certificate fixed at 2 points
  • Robust plastic housing
  • LED coloured lights for safety alert
  • Additional alarm sound for safety zone breach
  • In-built sensor to measure ambient temperature
  • Flexible probe with suction cap for targeted measurement
  • Temperature Range:  -50 to +70°C&F (switchable)
  • Resolution:  0.1°C*
  • Accuracy:  +/1°C between 0 and +40°C,  otherwise +/2°C
Download Data Sheet SKU: TC-008

£34.06 (£28.38 - Excluding Tax)

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